Morning Starters
(prices per person)
Lunch Break
(prices per person)
Coffee and/or Tea


Deluxe Baked Goodies (muffins, cinnamon buns, scones, butter & preserves)


Continental Breakfast (coffee/tea, deluxe baked goodies, fruit, yogurt & granola)


Number One
sandwich & dessert platters
Number Two
sandwich, veggie platter & cold beverages


Number Three
sandwich, dessert platter & cold beverages


Number Four
sandwich, veggie & dessert platters


Number Five
sandwich, fruit platter and cold beverages


Wide selection of gourmet sandwiches, fresh cut veggies & yummy cheeses on an assortment of bread & wraps with house made dip.
An array of seasonal fruit with delicious
local and imported cheese

Fruit Platter $5.25
Fruit Skewer $4.00
Cheese Platter $5.95

Assorted meats, cheeses & crackers with all types of salads, name your favorite and we'll make it!

Meat & Cheese Platter $6.25
Scrumptious Salads $4.95

Hot & Cold Appetizers
*An additional charge of $1.00 p/p
for porcelain + stainless.

Plus applicable taxes and

service charges.

Lunch Combos
(prices per person)
Assorted Cold Beverages
Fresh Muffins
(butter & preserves)

$2.25 pop $2.50 juice


Number Six
sandwich, fruit platter and veggies


Sandwich Platter $7.50
Vegetable Platter $4.95

Selection of delicious specialties. $3.50

Dessert Platter
Soup & Sandwich

Sandwich of your choice and soup of the day. $12.50

Made to order, let's talk about what you would like