Grill Menu
Original Sol Burger

Lettuce, tomato, cheese & chipotle mayo.*
Plain or Cajun

Garden Burger

Veggie burger w/ lettuce, tomato, cheese, & chipotle mayo*

Clubhouse Sandwich

Two pieces of bread topped with lettuce, tomato,
grilled chicken, bacon & chipotle mayo.*

B.L.T. Sandwich

Bacon,tomato,lettuce & plain mayo.*

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Two pieces of bread, topped with butter and smothered in melted cheese.*

Spicy Chicken Caesar Salad

with garlic toast

Chicken Finger Wrap

Lettuce, tomato, chipotle mayo & two chicken fingers.

 Cheese Burger

Cheese, lettuce, tomatoes & chipotle mayo.*

* All Burgers and Sandwiches served with fries, salad or soup.

Add avocado for $2.00 or add tomato for $1 
Add ham or bacon for $2
Prices do not include GST

Go green and bring your own plate. Takeout boxes $0.25

Grilled Chicken Burger

Sautéed onions, bacon, cheese & chipotle mayo.*

Chicken Fingers

With plum suace or chipotle mayo.


Served Until 10:30am



Breakfast Bun

No meat: $3.75
Ham: $4.75
Bacon$5.70 Sausage: $5.25

Breakfast Burrito

Three eggs scrambled with peppers, cheese, sweet red onion, salsa and sour cream: $8.50

Cheese Omelette

Served with toast: $8.50

Daily Breakfast Hash



w/Cream cheese: $3.75

Two Egg Breaky

Served with bacon or sausage, fresh fruit or hashbrowns and toast: $10.95